Innovation Support Unit

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Hospital La Paz


Innovation Support Unit (UAI) of FIBHULP was created in June 2010 within the framework of the ITEMAS Network -currently called ITEMAS Platform- of the Carlos III Institute of Health. Since its creation, the Innovation Node has contributed to promoting and protecting innovative/ground breaking research conducted in IdiPAZ. The node also intends to harness our center’s considerable innovative potential generated, as a step prior to its subsequent transfer to society.

Therefore, one of the main commitments of the Support Unit Innovation is that researchers and health personnel perceive it as a resource at their service, to provide support and advice in all that relates to the identification, management, protection, transfer, marketing and dissemination of their research results.


The main task of the Innovation Unit is to identify the potential transferable research results generated within our centre and to accompany and support the researcher throughout the whole innovation process: from the birth of the idea to its placement on the market.

Since the Node has been in operation, we have managed projects sponsored by the centre itself and have signed collaboration agreements with important private institutions and organisations to promote innovation.

Our main objectives are:

• Promotion of a culture of innovation protection within the various sectors that constitute IdiPAZ and its Hospital through seminars on subjects related to the protection of research results and technology transfer.

• Active search and identification of innovation throughout the medical setting of our centre.

• Provision of institutional support for groups that generate innovation.

• Localisation of new technologies for daily use.

•Active search for partners required for the development of projects, including technological companies as well as industrial and financial partners.

• Organisation of seminars with other centres from which potential collaborations might arise to our technological and training needs.

• Preparation and consultancy for any type of collaboration agreement with the industrial sector or other research centres, including attendance bids for funding.

• Evaluation of research results in terms of their protection and transfer.

• Protection of research results and management and promotion of the IdiPAZ technology portfolio.

• Search for licensees for the transfer of results, including existing and yet-to-be-created companies.

• Achievement of the greatest possible impact on society and financial return for the institution itself.

Over the last year the Innovation Node has achieved the following accomplishments:

• This last year has been crucial for the Innovation Node because they have managed to overcome almost all procedures aimed at the establishment of the first technology-based company of the Hospital (and also of the region of Madrid) according to the regulations established by the Department of Health of the Community of Madrid. 2014 will be the year of the establishment of the company Biomedica Molecular Medicine, spin-off that will exploit the research results in oncology –specifically, a genomic test to determine whether breast cancer patients should have chemotherapy - designed by some members of IdiPAZ.

• In addition to the four license agreements signed over the past three years, two new licenses were signed in 2013. One of them is based on a patent related with a composition to reduce inflammatory processes, in particular, processes associated with the menopause. The other one is based on a computer application (called TIMI) intended for the management of antibiotic treatments.

• The Institute’s technology portfolio has continued to grow, not only at the patent level but also in the area of intellectual property, mainly through the registry of computer programmes, quality of life questionnaires, etc.

• A catalogue of technological offers -based on specification sheets- has been completed, which includes the complete portfolio of exploitable IdiPAZ results. This catalogue aims to promote the transference of IdiPAZ’s technology portfolio to the industrial sector, generate collaborative projects for technological development and foster the exploitation of research results. Those sheets that have been already validated are published on the IdiPAZ website. The catalogue will be updated as the Institute’s technology portfolio grows.

• By virtue of its membership in the ITEMAS Platform, the Unit has continued to strengthen ties and creating synergies with the members of this Platform in order to achieve its established objectives.

• The Unit has participated in various forums and round tables organised by various participants of the biomedical sector.

• We are in the advanced phases of signing at least three more licenses that are based on technologies developed in our centre.


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