Technology Transfer Office

Developed by: Instituto Aragonés Ciencias de la Salud


Since 2016, the IACS has been registered in the List of Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation with Registry no. 237

It should be noted in this line that the IACS has had a Quality Management System certified according to the international standard ISO 9001 since 2004, with a management based on processes, in the search for customer satisfaction and in promoting improvement keep going.

One of the accredited processes that has to do with the activity of the ISU is called PI04.1 on R&D&i results’ protection


From the IACS Technology Transfer Office (OTRI / TTO) we carry out the following lines of action:

  • facilitate public-private collaboration in research and innovation.
  • advise on the search for sources of public funding for possible public-private partnerships.
  • dissemination of the IACS catalog of available knowledge & skills.
  • advice and management in the protection of research / innovation results for professionals of the Public Health System of Aragón.
  • Dynamization of the transfer of research and innovation results and the evaluation of possible entrepreneurship options: Technology-Based Companies (TBCs), Spin-Offs / Start Ups.

Aragón Biomedical Research Center (CIBA)
Avda. San Juan Bosco, 13
50009 Zaragoza

Phone no. (+34) 976 715895
Fax no. (+34) 976 714670

email: innovacion.iacs(ELIMINAR)