Training for healthcare professionals in innovation: methodologies and tools

Developed by: Instituto Aragonés Ciencias de la Salud


Innovation route

It is a training program with which to acquire knowledge and develop the necessary skills to innovate. The activity consists of 6 sessions or workshops with a duration of 4 hours, in the afternoon and weekly. The program is complemented by a tutoring session and a presentation session for the final projects.

This training activity is accredited by the Commission for Continuing Training of the health professions of Aragon with 6.9 credits.

Patient experience & Service design

The design of services allows to improve and innovate in the patient experience and in the work processes that make up a health service. Service design uses tools and methods typical of user-centered design (patients and staff) to approach projects. This framework has been successfully applied in different health-related contexts.

Agile methodologies

Understanding the basics of agile frameworks and understanding the benefits that agile methodologies and tools provide, and how to introduce them into a healthcare setting are the goals of this program.

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