Clinical Biostatistics Unit

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Hospital Ramón y Cajal (IRYCIS)



Studies Design, epidemiology, statistical analysis, methodology, research.


Clinical Biostatistics Unit was established in 1993 and leads the area of Clinical Epidemiology IRYCIS.

Its services include:

1. Support for study design: selection of study type, objectives and type of hypothesis, sample size determination, and selection of appropriate statistical methods

2. Support for study implementation and statistical analysis: design of data collection sheets and data files, selection of appropriate measures to meet the objectives and hypotheses and interpretation of the results of statistical tests.

3. Support for results publication: drafting and review articles.

4. Methodological support: evaluation and synthesis of scientific evidence and recommendations in the form of systematic reviews, clinical practice guidelines and technical reports

5. Training: courses of introductory statistics, introduction to research methodology, multivariate regression models (including multilevel), survival analysis, systematic reviews and meta-analyzes (courses of 28 hours).

The Clinical Biostatistics Unit is a reference in the field of biostatistics methodology. The Unit historically has produced not only knowledge but also software tools. The most notable of these products is the Meta-DiSc, referenced in about three hundred publications in scientific journals.

As principal applications:

·         Own Software: MetaDiSc

·         Teaching Material:

·         Macro for Stata software (kappa):

·         Calculators for effectiveness indices and indices treatment performance of a diagnostic test:


Scientific Coordinator: Víctor Abraira, PhD.

Phone number: +3491 336 81 03