A kit for predicting the therapeutic response to antipsychotic drugs

Developed by: Fundación Instituto de Investigación Marqués de Valdecilla


IDIVAL, in collaboration with CSIC, UC and CIBER, has developed a kit for predicting the therapeutic response to antipsychotic drugs.

Here we present a method for predicting, before treatment, the individual clinical response to antipsychotic medication in subjects suffering from psychosis disorders. This method is based on a gene expression profile and allows the selection of patients for further or alternative antipsychotic therapies.

The method has been tested in biological samples obtained from antipsychotic naïve patients.


Antipsychotic treatment.

Estado de protección

A patent application covering this technology has been filed through Spanish Patent Application P201730464.

Desired cooperation

IDIVAL would like to talk to companies interested in commercializing this kit or in a research cooperation agreement to develop it.

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