A method to predict the response to a purine analogous

Developed by: Fundación Instituto de Investigación Marqués de Valdecilla


IDIVAL has developed a tool to predict the response to chemotherapy with fludarabine and the risk of suffering Graft-Versus-Host disease.

The technical solution proposed consists in a method to determine the expression of PRKACA gene and its activity as a useful tool to predict the response to chemotherapy with fludarabine in patients with acute leukemia and lynphoproliferative syndromes and also to predict the risk of suffering GVHD after an allogenic transplant.

Results tested in cell lines. Currently, the tool is being developed at Valdecilla Biomedical Research Institute– IDIVAL.


Cancer therapy.

Estado de protección

A patent application covering this technology has been filed through Spanish patent application P201600872. 

Desired cooperation

IDIVAL would like to talk to companies interested in commercializing this tool or in a research cooperation agreement to develop it.

En desarrollo, Transferible
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