First-episode psychosis prognostic marker

Developed by: Fundación Vasca de Innovación e investigación Sanitaria


The prognosis of patientes who have experienced a FEP can be divided into 3 categories: 25% of patients show a complete response to treatment that leads to complete recovery from the FEP; 50% of patients still experience recurrent exacerbations and remissions; and the other 25% of patients show an unfavourable outcome with an incomplete response and recovery after experiencing the FEP. In this sense, as FEP can develop into severe and chronic pathology in many cases, an early approach to the disease is highly relevant.

This invention consists of a biomarker based on determining the expression value of the ratio formed by the active and truncated cell receptor of a nerve growth factor in peripheral blood forms.




Prognosis of patients who have experienced a FEP.

Estado de protección

Spanish Patent Application (P201530918)

PCT Application (PCT/ES2016/070473)

Priority date: 26/06/2015

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