Biopsy Kit

Developed by: Fundación Vasca de Innovación e investigación Sanitaria


The invention consists of a fungible sterile kit for guiding the biopsy sampling process by PET image. Specifically, the invention refers to the three elements that constitute the kit: a stereotactic frame that parameterises the space of the patient, a biopsy needle and the multiplatform digital processing system that enables obtaining precise spherical coordinates of the target area to be biopsied.


·         Enables the use of PET-guided biopsy in patients who have no structural lesions.

·         Prevents the need for expensive permanent radioactive sources, reducing the radiation dose received by the patient.

·         Increases the accuracy, precision and profitability in pricks guided by both PET and CT.


·         Biopsy in patients who have no radiological structural lesions.

·         Biopsy in patients who have radiological structural lesions but with heterogeneous catchment in PET.

·         Possibility of adapting the kit to guide the biopsy needle by CT image.  

Estado de protección

Spanish Patent Application (P201531185)

PCT Application (PCT/ES2016/070575)

Priority Date: 10/08/2015

Desired cooperation

Company interested in the license and commercialisation of the product.

Contact: Amaia Albandoz

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