Procedure and device for learning and training laparoscopic surgery

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Biomédica Sant Pau (IIB Sant Pau)


 The invention relates to a laparoscopic surgery simulator for training of medical professionals. The method and device are in the field of technical training in laparoscopic surgery and similar procedures, such as minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as arthroscopy, etc. Surgitrainer is both a method and a device for the acquisition and assessment of surgical skills in laparoscopic surgery and similar procedures, incorporating a number of features that improve existing alternatives:

1. Users performance evaluation of the execution of the proposed laparoscopic surgery exercises and of acquisition of theoretical knowledge.

2. Analysis of different parameters recorded during the execution of an exercise.

3. Definition of evaluation metrics to obtain a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the user’s abilities and knowledge in the execution of an exercise and in the evolution of its learning curricula.

4. Review the results of an exercise from a numerical and statistical analysis and based on experimental benchmarks and metrics of the user’s expertise.

5. Augmented reality acting as a virtual mentor and thus decreasing the need of mentors’ presence.

Responsable: Alfons Hervàs

Contacto (Tel./mail): ahervas(ELIMINAR)  / 93 553 78 69

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