Fast-Acting Emergency Tourniquet

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Córdoba (IMIBIC).


A research group from the Andalusian Public Health System (SSPA) has developed a device that allows to apply an emergency tourniquet in a quickly way.


Several times an emergency tourniquet needs to be applied to stop the bleeding on a limb. In some cases, it might happen that patient access is impeded, that the tourniquet needs to be done quickly or that there is no access to a pneumatic system to connect the device. 

By commonly used methods, to apply a tourniquet certain pressure needs to be applied, and pressure must be adequate to stop the bleeding without damaging the surrounding tissues. Additionally, it takes some time to apply it. The presented device allows a fast-acting emergency tourniquet activated by pneumatic chambers included in the device.

This new device offers the following advantages over traditional methods of action: 
- Fast application.
- Easy to use. 
- Controlled effectiveness. 
- It is disposable.

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This technology is protected by Utility Model Application.

Desired cooperation

The researcher is looking for a partner interested in a license and/or a collaboration agreement to further develop and exploit this innovative technology.
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