Catheter and Method for Detecting Hierarchical Patterns during Fibrillation

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Gregorio Marañón


The current invention is a system for detecting electrical activity in an organ comprising of a method and a device, with the main application being the detection of the original of cardiac arrhythmias.

The device is a catheter with a foldable structure in order to be inserted inside the organ. The distal end with electrodes is inserted and used to record the intracavitary signal.

The innovative aspect of the device is the catheter, specifically the layout of the electrodes.


The main application of the device is characterization of atrial fibrillation. Other application areas are the detection of other arrhythmias and the detection of electro physical activity of muscles and nerve tissue.

Estado de protección

Spanish Patent application number P201431315.

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The technology is available for licensing.

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