Personalised prosthesis for jaw and facial bones

Developed by: INCLIVA Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria


Reconstruction of facial and jaw bones through replacement of the damaged bone by a prosthesis is often the only solution when a patient loses part of these bones as a result of cancer, radiotherapy or an accident.

The ideal prosthesis should be: perfectly adjustable to the patient’s anatomy in order to match to the replaced area; it should also be capable of creating a continuous relationship with the bone in which it is inserted and it should maintain its aesthetics and functionality, which includes the anchorage of teeth implants. At the same time, the ideal prosthesis must be resistant against the stress caused by opposing forces that act on it, such as chewing, swallowing, speaking or yawning. Traditionally, conventional prostheses do not satisfactorily meet this needs, thus a demand for improvements exists.

These needs moved our hospital to work together with two specialised centres to develop a prosthesis that:

- Is completely customizable: the design and manufacturing of the prosthesis allows being perfectly adjustable to patient’s anatomy, since it is designed from an image of the patient obtained from computerised tomography. Furthermore, it is directly manufactured using biocompatible materials by different techniques, including 3D printing.

- It has a specially designed geometry with support areas at the ends to enable the growth of the bone and the binding of soft tissues. This allows the perfect integration of the prosthesis within the adjacent bones. 

- It is light but extremely strong thanks to biocompatible materials and the manufacturing methods used. Moreover, these methods are fast and save a significant amount of material. 


Health sector: medical devices and more specifically prosthesis for maxillofacial surgery.

Estado de protección

Both prosthesis and manufacturing method are included in a European patent application pending of granting. Spanish patent already granted.

Desired cooperation

We seek for a company interested in either the commercial exploitation of this technology or sponsoring a first clinical study in which this prosthesis will be implanted in selected patients as compassionate use. This company must hold an ISO 13485 certification as well as authorisation for manufacturing customised medical devices. Licensing or other ways of collaborations are welcomed.


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