Procedure to obtain useful data to detect angiogenesis on lower limbs

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Córdoba (IMIBIC).


A research group from the Andalusian Public Health System (SSPA) has developed a procedure that allows detecting angiogenesis on lower limbs.


Diabetics patients are especially prone to manifest severe ischemical processes affecting normally to the more distal vessels (lower limbs of the patient), which is known as Lower Limb Critical Ischemia.

In order to monitor patient´s progress and to take most appropiate medical decissions, is important to make follow-up of medical conditions, to see if angiogenesis is produced.

To determine if angiogenesis is produced, the nowadays "gold-standard" techique is arteriography, a technique that has some drawbacks.

The present procedure presents the following advantages over the commondly used methods:

- It allows more precisely identify the positions of the slices (taken from the arteriography), obtaining a higher reproducibility.

- It provides an easier method to distinguish the position and orientation of a perpendicular view to the lower limb of the patient, using as references fixed points from the bon estructure of the patient.

- Perfusion parameters used for this procedure provide objective values that are representative for vascular perfusion of tissues from lower-limbs, while other methods are based on subjectives values.

- The application of this technique is performed using contrast introduced through veins and not through arteries.

Estado de protección

This technology is protected by International Patent Application PCT.

Desired cooperation

The group is looking for a partner interested in a license and/or a collaboration agreement to further develop and exploit this innovative technology.

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