Mobile application for on-going care of patients with chronic arterial ischaemia: CReTe (Claudicants and Online Registry)

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Hospital La Paz


Description and essential characteristics

A mobile application that collects real-time critical data on a Chronic Arterial Ischaemia (CAI) patient—in particular, intermittent claudication patients (stage II CAI)—as well as their exercise sessions and stores the data in an anonymous database available to medical staff.

This type of system is needed, given the paradoxical situation physicians treating this disease face in their practice: although physical exercise is at present the recommended treatment (clinical practice guidelines) for intermittent claudication patients, patient adherence to formal exercise-based therapy is very low.

The system enables the patient to do the physical exercise-based therapy at home. This promotes a higher rate of adherence to treatment and avoids the need to find specific facilities for this purpose, thus resulting in a significant reduction in associated costs and at the same time, thanks to new technology, the data collected are highly reliable. Data reliability is comparable to data obtained with supervised exercise.

This technology could also be applied to the primary and secondary prevention of other severe chronic diseases, such as: diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, obesity, heart failure, depression, osteoporosis, chronic lung disease, etc., given the overall benefits of physical exercise for this type of diseases.

Competitive advantages

This technology combines greater patient adherence, reductions in associated costs (both for the patient and for society), high reliability of the data collected and the possibility of on-going surveillance and support by healthcare professionals.

At the same time, this system allows the creation of a prospective registry to analyse each patient’s evolution and challenges.

All these features will result in a significant improvement in healthcare quality.


Patients with chronic arterial ischaemia.

Estado de protección

The mobile application was registered before a Notary in January 2014.

Desired cooperation

Cooperation is sought with any Party interested in partnering, licensing or investing in the technology, whether it be an investor to fund the project, a partner interested in getting involved in any of the various phases until its placement on the market, a licensee, etc. Among the organisations potentially interested in this technology would be companies and/or platforms devoted to the provision of services within the healthcare sector or the IT sector, particularly services related to mobile technology; as well as hospitals, healthcare centres that are specialised in vascular diseases, etc.

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