Tumor Cell Collector

Developed by: Sant Joan de Déu Fundació de Recerca


Obtaining glial tumor samples used to be a manual procedure in which the surgeon biopsied the tumor using tweezers, then stored the sample of biopsied material in a container and send it to the pathologist for its subsequent analysis. While that continues to be the standard procedure for glial tumors, for other non-glial tumors, there are devices that facilitate sample collection, such as a cystoscope and suction needles.

In 2008, a doctor at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital and VecMedical jointly developed a tumor cell collector, a medical device capable of being fitted to a surgical aspirator and collecting all the tumor material aspirated during surgical interventions, separating it from other aspirated fluids. The tumor collector has a sealing system to store the tumor safely until it is released for analysis by the pathologist.

Current status

  • Patented (2008 application)
  • Licensed since 2011 (Currently to VECMedical)
  • Marketed since 2011


Dr. Ioannis Roussos - Surgeon from the Neurosurgery Department in SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

Dr. Jaume Pérez Payarols - Innovation and Research Director in SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

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