Triazoles for muscle contraction regulation

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Biodonostia


Muscular dystrophies are heterogeneous hereditary diseases characterised by progressive musculoskeletal weakness and atrophy. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), one of the most common, is linked to the X chromosome and occurs in 1 out of every 3500 males. Genetic studies are insufficient to eradicate the disease given the high incidence of sporadic cases, meaning that the search for new effective therapies is an urgent necessity. This invention refers to new compounds, and their methods of synthesis, for treating or preventing disorders and diseases due to intercellular calcium dysregulation or ryanodine receptor dysfunctions such as muscular dystrophies, sarcopenia or musculoskeletal fatigue, among others. 


Treatment of diseases associated to intracellular calcium dysregulation or to the dysfunction of RyR receptors.

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