Fastening and protection device for external ventricular drainage

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe


Ventriculitis associated with external ventricular drainage (EVD) is one of the most important complications associated with the use of these devices, with an incidence ranging between 5% and 20% depending on series and high mortality and morbidity, increased hospital stay, health care costs and treatment of the associated sequelae.

In recent years, coated catheters have been designed with different materials (silver, antibiotics), but high manufacturing costs or changes in the epidemiology infections associated with these devices as well as difficulty maintaining proper hygiene at the entry point into the skin surface, make it necessary to seek for new fastening systems.

Researchers of the Medical Research Institute Hospital La Fe and the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia have developed a new safety and protection device for external ventricular drainage, Drenaven, based on a structure capable of holding inside the DVE that insulates the scalp and, in turn fixed so it prevents unintentional removal. 

Likewise, its bactericidal coating or composition prevents bacterial nesting and biofilm formation on the EVD associated with the possible occurrence of ventriculitis episodes.


The expected field of application of the device is the hospital market in those centers where neurosurgical activity takes place. The system could be used not only for EVD fixation but also for small size filaments in epilepsy and even in locations other than the head.

Estado de protección

Patent pending with registration number: P201630427

Priority Date: April 7, 2016

Desired cooperation

Company interested in signing a licence agreement for the commercial exploitation of the system.

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