Hemofiltration simulator

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Gregorio Marañón


Simulator device for training in the management of extrarenal venovenous depuration monitors. The invention relates to a simulation device (100) which is connected via cables (304) to a venovenous extrarenal purification monitor (300) in the purification circuit before the blood pump and the filter and in the return line (in the ultrafiltration line). The simulator consists of a system of remote control of the pressures generated in a continuous venovenous extrarenal system. It consists of pressure regulating knobs (104) allowing the pressure to be adjusted in a controlled manner by means of a fine thread system that progressively occludes the circuit lines so that changes occurring in clinical practice can be reproduced.


The device is used for educational purposes and allows to alter the pressures of the monitor without letting the students know which parameters are being manipulated and warning in the training of possible failures.

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The patent application number is P201330340.

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