Biomarkers to predict r-tPA treatment complications after cerebral ischemia

Developed by: Fundació Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron - Institut de Recerca


Inventors have identified blood biomarkers that can be used to predict r-tPA treatment complications after cerebral ischemia based on the expression of certain biomarkers from patient plasma samples.

There is a clinical association between biomarkers serum levels and r-tPA-related hemorrhagic complications in stroke patients receiving thrombolytic treatment and a worsening in the neurological outcome of the patients

The assessment of serum biomarker levels at the onset of symptoms might be considered in the clinical management of acute stroke patients who are eligible for thrombolysis

Stage of development: TRL 4, biomarker validated in one cohort and ongoing analysis in a bigger cohort.

IP: Patent granted in US and intention to grant in EU.