An steroid-nitrone wit neuroprotective activity for the treatment of stroke

Developed by: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Hospital Ramón y Cajal (IRYCIS)


Currently there is no drug with significant therapeutic potential for neuroprotection against ischemic damage. Cerebrovascular disease is the leading cause of disability in adults in industrialized countries, and is also the leading cause of death in women and the second for men.

The present invention relates to a novel derivative steroids nitrone and its potential uses for the treatment of stroke, due to its characteristics and preliminary results:

·         high permeability to the blood-brain barrier

·         antioxidant capacity against hydroxyl radicals and lipid peroxidation

·         High neuroprotective capacity

The therapy rescues neuronal cells that have died naturally in the ischemic core or penumbra area after a cerbrovascular accident.

Protected by Spanish patent P201330738 2013 granted on 10/07/2015, with PCT/ES2014/070421 and national phases in USA, Brazil, México, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Japan, EPO, Canada, and China.

In vitro neuronal culture assays show that this compound has high neuroprotective activity against ischemia-reoxygenation in comparison with other known nitrones. The neuroprotective effect is in the range of micro-molar versus the milli-molar range of other known compounds, demonstrating greater specificity.

This makes it a potential drug for treating diseases related to the central nervous system, such as stroke and other neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and ALS).

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