ITEMAS for Medical Centers


ITEMAS provides services and resources to enable medical centers to develop and improve their innovation support units. Medical centers that join ITEMAS can take advantage of the following tools and resources:


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Methodological support

ITEMAS offers medical centers advice on the creation of innovation support structures, including the following:

  • Definition of work flows
  • Training programs
  • Promotion of partnerships and relationships with other medical centers and non-medical centers.


ITEMAS ensures visibility for the resources that a medical center provides to potential partners to enable them to develop or participate in projects:


ITEMAS works and acts as an intermediary with other platforms throughout the world. Being a member of ITEMAS facilitates relationships with international bodies and the availability of international protection for work carried out in the medical center.



ITEMAS provides help in sourcing public and private funding at all stages of the innovation process, from the idea itself to transfer to the market.



ITEMAS aims to be a common voice for medical centers and their innovation support units in their relationship with government, regulatory bodies, and medical technology assessment agencies in order to influence policy in the sector.