For the market

ITEMAS encourages and promotes the incorporation of all market agents interested in the results of innovation in Health, to contribute to the promotion and development under the paradigm of open innovation. Being part of ITEMAS allows you to give visibility to your organization and be closer to the market.


Market agents through ITEMAS will be able to find out who are the main actors of innovation in medical and healthcare technology, thus facilitating the arrival of innovation results to the market.


ITEMAS can offer support to market agents who are interested in innovative public procurement processes, during the industrialization phase, or in the generation of clinical evidence of ITEMAS results.

Business opportunities

Through ITEMAS, members and collaborators will be able to make the needs, the innovation projects they are working on and the results available to the market, generating early business opportunities.

Technological surveillance

Being in contact with ITEMAS allows you to obtain a vision of current market trends and innovation activities in the field of medical and health technologies.