Institute Ramón y Cajal for Health Research (IRYCIS from its spanish name)

The main objective of the Innovation Unit (IU) is to contribute to become IRYCIS projects into practical applications that improves health care, diagnosis, treatment and in summary, the health of the population

IRYCIS has 487 researchers, 565 publications in 2013, 21 patent applications, more than 800 clinical trials ongoing and a hospital with 900 physicians covering a population of more than 500.000 inh. All these resources make of the Translational Medicine our daily work.

The mission of the UIcan be summarized as:

  1. Be a reference to the inventors of IRYCIS in innovation, to make better use of their inventions.
  2. Promote technology transfer, ensuring industrial protection and enhancement of knowledge.
  3. Collaborate in open innovation projects with other research centers and biotechnology industry

In their daily work, UI must:

  • Analyze the commercial opportunity for new ideas and research results.

  • Define strategies for industrial protection of inventions. Support technology transfer of the patent portfolio of IRYCIS.

  • Conduct a marketing plan services and innovative projects of the Institute.

  • Support in defining technology development projects from research results.

  • Search public or private funding for technology development projects.

  • Encouraging participation in international consortia to develop innovative projects.

  • Encourage collaborations with researchers IRYCIS the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector.


The ideas are evaluated and organized as innovation projects, and start the process toward commercial exploitation and the application in the healthcare field.

Hospital Ramon y Cajal
Ctra. de Colmenar Viejo, km. 9,100
Planta -3 derecha. Unidad de Apoyo a la Investigación
28034 Madrid

Personas de contacto:

Diego Velasco Escribano, Responsable de Innovación


Emma González, Gestor de Innovación, PhD