The Medical Research Institute Hospital La Fe

The Medical Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe) leads the research and innovation policy of the Health Department "Hospital La Fe". 

Hospital La Fe: One of the largest and best qualified Hospitals in Europe with cutting-edge clinical technologies, more than 1,000 beds, 900 physicians and 3,000 nurses, assisting a large population in the Valencian Region and acting as a reference hospital for over 40 different pathologies.

The Medical Research Institute Hospital La Fe promotes and develops quality translational research and health innovation, aimed at solving health challenges, increasing scientific and economic knowledge, and improving quality of life of society”. 

Since 2009, IIS La Fe is accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation as a "Health Research Institute", in recognition of the quality of its R&D and Innovation. 


IIS La Fe consists of 20 accredited research groups, each of which has at least 10 members including physicians, scientists and technicians, who develop a scientific strategic plan externally evaluated. 

Moreover, several Joint Research Units with reference research institutions are part of IIS La Fe: University of Valencia, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Principe Felipe Research Centre, and Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). 


  • Human capital, with a staff of over 400 researchers and managers 
  • Commitment to excellence and quality  managed with international regulations (GLPs, GMPs, GCPs and ISO)


IIS La Fe offers scientific and technological services with advanced clinical and research facilities, to undertake research and innovation programmes based on state-of-the-art biomedical science. 






Advanced Therapies

Experimental Hepatology and Liver Transplantation

Jose V. Castell Ripoll, PhD

Heart Regeneration and Transplant

Jose Antonio Montero Argudo, PhD

Haematology and Hemotherapy-Cell therapy and regenerative medicine

Miguel Ángel Sanz Alonso, PhD

Translational Research of Prevalent Diseases and its underlying mechanisms

Joint Research Unit for Neurology and Molecular Genetics

Jordi Pérez Tur, PhD

 Joint Research Unit for  Cerebrovascular Research

Enrique Alborch Domínguez, PhD


Francisco Martínez Castellano, PhD

Haemostasis, Thrombosis, Atherosclerosis and Vascular Biology

Francisco España Furió, PhD

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Pilar Nos Mateu, PhD

Myocardial dysfunction and Heart Transplant

José Miguel Rivera Otero,

Neuromuscular Pathology and Ataxias

Juan Jesús Vilchez Padilla, PhD

Molecular, Cell and Genomics Biomedicine

Jose Maria Millán Salcedo, PhD

Respiratory Infections

Rosario Menéndez Villanueva, PhD

Severe Infection

Javier Pemán García, PhD

Joint Research Unit in Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroregeneration

Bonaventura Casanova, PhD / Jose Manuel García V., PhD

 Oncology and Oncohaematology

Clinical and Translational Research in Cancer

Victoria Castel Sánchez, PhD


Rafael Botella Estrada, PhD

Haematology and Hemotherapy

Miguel Ángel Sanz Alonso, PhD

Reproductive Medicine, Perinatology and Children’s Health 

Celiac Disease and Gastrointestinal Immunopathology

Carmen Ribes Koninckx, PhD


Máximo Vento Torres, PhD

Reproductive Medicine

Antonio Pellicer Martínez, PhD

Safety in the development and use of drugs

Allergy and Childhood Respiratory Diseases

Mª Dolores Hernández Fernández de Rojas, PhD

Joint  Research Unit for Adverse Reactions

Miguel A. Miranda Alonso, PhD

Joint  Research Unit in Experimental Hepatology

Jose V. Castell Ripoll, PhD


Salvador Aliño Pellicer, PhD

New Health-applied Technologies

Joint Research Unit in ICTs applied to Healthcare Process Re-Engineering (ERPSS)

Bernardo Valdivieso, PhD/Vicente Traver, PhD

Biomedical Imaging Research Group(GIBI230)

Luis Martí Bonmati, PhD

Joint Research Unit in Biomechanicals

Enrique Viosca, PhD/Pedro Vera, PhD

 Preventive and Sustainable Healthcare System 

Joint Research Unit on Endocrinology, Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics

Francisco Merino, PhD/ Jose M. Soriano, PhD

Nursing /  Primary Healthcare

Área de Innovación del Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe

Avenida Fernando Abril Martorell, 106 - Torre A, Planta 7ª

46026 Valencia

Telefono: 961 246 717

Persona de contacto: Elena Carrió