Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research

The Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research, BIOEF, set up by the Basque Government's Ministry for Health in 2002, has deployed its mission and activities in a two-fold, at the operational level and at a strategic level. The Foundation takes part into the development of plans, programs or strategic initiatives, promotes the gradual structuring of Health´s R&D&i and its professional management, disseminates the results of these activities and values them, triggers transfer and exploitation of results, and supports the Ministry for Health and Basque Public Health Service-Osakidetza in those topics that are required at all times for the continuous reinvention of health services.

In addition, BIOEF is responsible for the development of several programs and lines of action included in the Research and Innovation Strategy in Health 2020 and acts as technical secretary, besides being directly involved as an agent, for the Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3 Euskadi) in the Bioscience-Health area.

The Foundation is a key interlocutor within the Bioregion or Bioscience´s Basque ecosystem. It facilitates and supports the business sector in its collaboration needs with the Health System, and it is the unique entity which offers the global vision about the R&D&i activity of the Basque Public Health System (people, projects, topics, funding, and etcetera.) and their outcomes.

BIOEF has a transversal role throughout the whole value chain of R&D&i, and plays a key role in the public-private partnership relationship and international collaboration.

It also contributes to the continuous transformation of the Health System by putting the person at the center of its activity, supporting, among other things, processes of Social-Healthcare coordination, the Health services integration, and citizen participation.

Torre del BEC
Ronda de Azkue 1
48902 Barakaldo
Phone number: 94 453 68 49
Fax: 94 453 04 65

Contact: Amaia Albandoz