Marqués de Valdecilla Health Research Institute

IDIVAL carry out activities to promote a culture of innovation, research and evaluation of technological solutions, preparation and drafting of R & D, seeking funding, as well as all activities necessary to ensure that the results of R & D, from research groups and researchers IDIVAL and the Cantabrian Health Service, reach society through public-private partnerships.

 We hope that innovation becomes one of the main engines of economic and social development of our environment, and that its results have a direct impact on the prestige of the hospital and the autonomous community.

Innovation Unit

The Innovation Support Unit of IDIVAL integrates, together with the Office of Transfer of Research Results (OTRI), the Innovation Area. Its mission is to promote and disseminate to society the results of research, favoring the interrelation of researchers with the business and social environment, the management of their patents and the creation of companies.

Among the main activities of this unit, are support in the identification of innovative initiatives, technology transfer and the management of the innovative process, as well as to increase the participation of the research groups in lines of technological development and creation of companies. In this way, actions are carried out to promote an innovative culture, stimulate the creativity of hospital staff, search and evaluate technological solutions, draw up and write R & D projects, search for funding, etc... In short, the activities necessary to get R & D results to reach society through public-private collaboration.


Activity Áreas:

The Innovaction Support Unit of IDIVAL carries out its activity in two areas, fully integrated among them:

- Technology Transfer and Busines Development

- Evaluation of health technologies and efficiency in proceses centered on the patient

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