The OSI Bilbao-Basurto was born on January 31, 2014 as a result of the integration of two previous Service Organizations, the University Hospital of Basurto and the Bilbao Primary Healthcare District. Is one of the 23 organizations of Services belonging to the Public Entity of Private Law Osakidetza - Basque Health Service. The headquarters is located in the Basurto University Hospital (Montevideo 18 Avenue, Bilbao) and its work centers are the following:

■ Basurto University Hospital: 37 Services. 680 beds.

■ 22 Primary Healthcare Areas , with 25 health centers. In 5 of these Primary Healthcare Areas, certain hospital-care services are also provided.

■ Urbi Basauri Penitentiary Center.

■ 3 Continuous Care centres.

■ 1 Call center.

Mission 2018 - 2021

To satisfy the health needs of our users and to promote health in a safe, comprehensive, quality and efficient way. We do this from a public health perspective, and we are committed to the training of excellent professionals, research and the generation of knowledge.

Vision 2018 - 2021

To be a public, safe, sustainable and innovative health organization, referenced at the national and international levels for its quality of care, management system and activity in the social health and community, committed to the shared leadership of our professionals and the empowerment of our patients and users.

Values ​​2018 - 2021

• Professional, ethical, and responsible behavior
• Teamwork.
• Transparency and good governance
• Positive attitude, open and innovative.
• Orientation to improvement.
• Participatory culture with other institutions