Centro Andaluz de Nanomedicina y Biotecnología BIONAND

The Andalusian Center for Nanomedicine and Biotechnology Centre (BIONAND) is conceived as a multidisciplinary space designed for fostering and promoting cutting-edge research in the field of nanobiotechnology applied to human diseases. The centre is a joint initiative of the Regional Ministry of Economy and Knowledge of Andalusia, the Regional Ministry of Health of Andalusia and the University of Malaga.

BIONAND was created as a multidisciplinary research space, where different professionals from the healthcare, university and business areas interact, making it possible to generate new systems to diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, from the creation and development of devices materials and nano-scale.

BIONAND is the first Spanish nanotechnology research centre entirely focused on nanomedicine, and it is designed to cover the physical, chemical and functional characterization process of nanostructured materials for biological applications.

Centro Andaluz de Nanomedicina y Biotecnología.
Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía
Severo Ochoa, 35
29590 Campanillas
Teléfono: 952 367 600
Fax: 952 367 610