Fundación Pública Andaluza para la Inv. Biosanitaria (FIBAO - IBS)

FIBAO plays an important role in the coordination of existing local structures and it is dedicated to encouraging, supporting and sharing services among research centres and groups throughout the scientific process, from the development of the necessary resources (financial counseling, project management, clinical trials and statistical processing) to the implementation and execution of scientific production including the transfer of research results to industry and society. The foundation provides the services and tools for managing, developing and transferring scientific production in the field of health available to all centres and researchers.

The target beneficiaries of this foundation are biomedical researchers associated to the Andalusian Public Health System, Universities and Eastern Andalusian Health Districts. These researchers together with research companies and centres constitute a great community of knowledge and innovation which will in turn create the conditions for high quality research necessary for Andalusia to maintain its position at the forefront of biomedical research.


 To develop and promote a multidisciplinary scientific space  in biomedicine research in order to perform projects where basic and clinical scientists converge and translate their results into health improvements


 ibs.GRANADA will be a reference for scientific excellence, quality and innovation in translational research in biomedicine and health following the model proposed by the National Institute ISCIII.


1. To develop an excellent research in areas of main interest for
human health.
2. To establish mechanisms of effective transfer of research results
in terms of a positive impact in clinical practices.
3. To promote inter-institutional collaborations.
4. To promote young researchers training and mobility.
5. To support national and international collaborations by integration
in national and international networks.
6. To develop a positive strategy of fund raising.
7. To contribute to the efficient use of infrastructures and resources.
8. To organize meetings, workshops and seminars.
9. To develop a communication policy and results dissemination

Fundación Pública Andaluza para la Investigación Biosanitaria
Dr. Azpitarte, 4-4ª Planta.
Edificio Licinio de la Fuente.
18012 Granada