Red Andaluza de diseño y traslación de Terapias Avanzadas

The Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies was created in October 2008, promoted by the then Regional Ministries of Health and of Economy, Innovation and Science (currently Regional Ministry of Health, Regional Ministry of Economy and Knowledge and Regional Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Trade) with the vision for Andalusia to aspire to play a relevant role in the field of advanced therapies, so that research, development and innovation in this field become the drivers for scientific progress, improvement of health and future social and economic development, singling out Andalusia’s identity in the national and international arena.

The strategic commitment related to the development of an Initiative for Advanced Therapies in Andalusia, was based on the certainty that this century’s Medicine will be marked by the advance in research focussing on three main areas entailing new approaches in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many diseases in humans. The advances referred to are specifically those taking place in the field of Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine, Clinical Genetics and Genomic Medicine and Nanomedicine.

We are part of the Andalusian Public Healthcare System which offers complete health services to about 8.5 million people and comprises, among other infrastructures, 47 hospitals, around 1,500 primary care centres, several research centres and institutes, a network of 10 GMP facilities to manufacture gene and cell based therapies, a genomic and bioinformatics platform and a Biobank storing more than 1 million of samples from patients and normal controls- including hiPS and hES cells lines.The Andalusian Initiative for Advanced Therapies coordinates the activities of advanced therapy research, development, innovation and hospital use, being carried out within the Andalusian Public Health System, in accordance with the Resolution of the Directorate General for Quality, Research, Development and Innovation of the Regional Ministry of Health, of 29th of September 2014.

As we also form part of the strategy of the Regional Ministry of Economy and Knowledge and the Regional Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Trade. We work closely with some of its entities such as the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia (IDEA), the Andalusian Public Foundation EMPRENDE and the Andalusian Agency of Knowledge. We also collaborate with the Andalusian Corporation for Technology. 

Being part of such a multidisciplinary system allows us to interface between academia (hospitals, universities and other research institutions) and industry (biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies) to facilitate translational research and knowledge and technology transfer together with the Andalusian Public Healthcare System’s Transfer of Technology Office.

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