Proceso de Innovación

Fundació Institut de Recerca Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Hospitals are the ideal place to identify unmet needs and generate ideas for improving the health of  patients and the medical practice they receive.

Our institute includes among its objectives to provide innovative technology solutions to these needs and to ensure the excellence in health care our hospital provides. To do so, the Innovation and Transfer Unit was created in 2010 with the aims of promoting an entrepreneurial and innovative culture among the health professionals at the hospital and transfering its knowledge towards the business sector.

The main objective of Sant Pau’s Innovation and Transfer Unit is to foster a culture based on open innovation and cooperation in R&D, with a straight focus towards market and internationalization.

Our innovation model aims to facilitate the innovation generated by Sant Pau’s professionals, to improve the translational ability of the centre, thereby strengthening its excellence and contributing to its economic sustainability.

The Innovation and Transfer Unit of the Institute provides the following range of services:

  • Management of the technological innovation developed by the Institute, from ideas uptake to its transfer to the market once converted into products or services.
  • To facilitate technological collaboration between our research groups and industry.
  • To support funding for technology development projects.
  • Management of the Institute’s intellectual property.
  • To support the creation of spin-offs and start-ups.

Innovation and Transfer Unit, Fundación Institut de Recerca Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

C/ Sant Quintí, 77-79
08041 Barcelona.
Phone: +34 93 553 78 69

Contact person: Miriam Ors