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The scope of the IACS Innovation Support Unit (ISU) includes areas such as the promotion and awareness of the culture of innovation, training in innovation and the management of the different stages that occur in an innovation process: detection of needs, formulation of challenges, generation and selection of ideas, development of innovation projects, and lastly, implementation of innovation in the Public Health System and / or its transfer to the company.

The ISU promotes the creation of innovation teams in the different Public Health Centers in order to promote, detect and develop innovation ideas that can be transferred to the Public Health System. Its position allows the establishment of synergistic networks of innovation between the centers; Especially relevant aspect in the peripheral and regional centers given the existing geographic dispersion in the region of Aragón.

In addition to responding to technological innovation from specialized centers, the ISU aims to promote open organizational, digital & social innovation that contributes to the achievement of the objectives set in the Aragonese Research and Innovation Strategy.

One of the main milestones of the ISU is the development of a training program known as "Innovation route", with which to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out innovation projects aimed at innovation in products, services, healthcare processes and organizational models of the Public Health System.

In line with these efforts to promote an innovative culture, we develop mechanisms for the formulation of challenges, talent detection, the capture of ideas and the subsequent development of innovation projects.

The ISU also encourages the creation of innovation committees or groups in the hospitals of the Aragonese Public Health System, in which to activate co-creation processes in the innovative ecosystem (Quadruple Helix), as well as the promotion of linked innovation to the Public Procurement of Innovation(PPI) in the Health field from the demand side.


The UAI has supported 45 ideas in the period from 2008 to 2020. In this period, 12 national patent applications have been made. In 6 of them, a PCT patent was applied for. Moreover, one license has been obtained.

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