Asociación de empresarios de Gipuzkoa

ADEGI is the Business Association of Gipuzkoa, a private association with over 35 years of experience promoting business activities and  competitiveness. It has more than 1,000 member companies incorporating over 50,000 people in Gipuzkoa.

To that end it represents the companies when they deal with social institutions and partners, we provide services of value to the business management (training, finance, grants and subsidies, innovation, advice, ...) and is a powerful network of collaboration between them.

One of our main tasks is to encourage collaboration between businesses by facilitating the generation of SYNERGIES in order to face the challenges to maintain the innovative and competitive capacity of the Territory in the Global Market: diversification, jump in the value chain, downsizing, internationalization, innovation , technological surveillance and markets, financing ...

In the area of health and always from the companies point of view, we group companies of social and health sector, providers of goods and services in the health sector (materials and equipment) and eHealth (remote monitoring systems, digital image , bioinformatics, robotics, diagnostic devices based on micro-biotechnology communication interfaces, Clinical Decision Support Systems, etc) and promote:

  • The collaboration between companies, research institutes, innovation departments and researchers to develop new products.

  • The placing on the market and profitability of innovation.

  • The hybridization of ideas, sectors and markets and enterprise diversification towards a promising sector.

  • The incorporation of managers with experience in new technology-based business projects.

Mikeletegi, 52
20009 San Sebastián
Teléfono: 943309030