FICYT - Fundación para el fomento en Asturias de la Investigación Científica Aplicada y la Tecnología


  • Management of the Regional R&D Funding Programme (PCTI)
  • Promotion of the participation of companies and research organizations in European projects and transnational technology transfer.
  • Biohealth Research Office of the Regional Ministry of Health.
  • Encouragement of the creation and development of scientific and technological infrastructures that give support to R&D activities.
  • Support and collaboration with Public Administrations for the development and participation in National and International R&D Programmes.

Mission: Promotion, encouragement and development of the participation of Asturian entities in innovation, technological development and research activities.

Sector: all sectors, but mainly Health area.

FICYT – Foundation for the support of the Applied Scientific Research and Technology in Asturias

Cabo Noval St, 11 – 1ºC  
33007 Oviedo
Phone: 985207434