The Futuver Group is a Global Technology Services and Management Consulting Company, formed by professionals with a deep knowledge of Technology and its advances, of process Consulting and of its clients' business. We implement global solutions with high added value for any type of organization, with the sole objective of optimizing your internal management and offering you a tailor-made solution.

Futuver's headquarters are located in Gijón (Asturias, Spain) in the Science and Technology Park. In addition, and as a result of its national and international expansion process, the group has offices in Madrid, Mexico City and Panama City.

Some of our products:

- IDiNet: In the field of integral management of organizations and innovation, Futuver offers you Idinet, a tool developed based on Microsoft technology, which allows organizations to manage their projects, their resources and their documents from any site, starting from a global, integrated and real-time vision.

- Futureg: it is an Electronic Processing Platform that allows the management and monitoring of files or procedures in any Administration, Institution or Organization, managed 100% electronically (Administration without papers), integrating the Advanced Electronic Signature and Digital Certificate in all its processes.

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