Applied Research Using Omic Sciences

AROMICS is a biotechnology company located in the Barcelona Science Park. The company is based on experience in the application of genomics, proteomics and molecular biology in the identification of molecular markers that, once validated, are subjected to exhaustive research and development programs in order to evaluate their potential application for use. diagnostic and therapeutic.

Our objective is focused on:

  • Develop a portfolio of new drugs. We are actively working in areas such as cancer and infectious diseases.
  • Develop new diagnostic methods
  • Implement new omic technologies and evaluate their application in drug research and development programs.
  • We offer our experience to third parties through specific collaborations, advancing the development of their products until the proof of concept.

In the therapeutic area, we are currently developing two molecules that are in the preclinical stage moving towards the clinic:

  • NAX035: a new antitumor agent for the treatment of malignant mesothelioma
  • AB200: a new antiviral agent for the treatment of AIDS co-infections with Hepatitis.

c/Víctor Pradera 45
08940- Cornellà de LLobregat Barcelona
T. +34 93 440 73 02
F. +34 93 440 80 56
E-mail: info(ELIMINAR)