DCN  is a service company focused on business consulting, outsourcing of management and investment in innovation.

Founded in 2003 in Valencia, has also presence in Madrid, Sevilla, Murcia, Asturias and partners in several key markets for global development in Asia (Korea, Japan, China), America (USA, Mexico, Colombia, Perú, Chile) and Africa (Southafrica).

It gathers more than 30 senior professionals with large experience in top management positions at large multinationals, either as partners, associates or advisors. They specially have large experience in international business development, biotech and tecnhology.

In business consulting strong aspects are business strategy, corporate finance, tecnhnology transfer and biotechnology.

In outsourcing of management it manages certain aspects of its client business in the on-line channel, in product development and production, and in the globalisation process.

In investment in innovation it manages three investment companies in technology companies in their early stages, investing specially in biotechnology and technology.

It manages a very active policy of collaboration agreements with scientific, finantial and corporative world.