Bilbomática has been present in the Information Technology World since 1988, and what was then considered to be an adventure, has now become a reality in which more than 320 highly qualified professionals are working.

In spite of Market Globalization, Bilbomática has been able to keep independent and preserve our two main objectives, which are economic and social development, achieving high levels of growth and employment. Bilbomática, which is committed to social needs of employment creation, keeps developing a co-operation policy based on the recruitment of human resources in technical areas, providing access to high degree graduates into the Job Market through a specialized training based on the Company's Know-How and on the market’s needs. We also have consolidated a software production line based on the Methodology and Quality, as we consider that being one amongst many other Engineering Companies, our products must be absolutely reliable and must be reproduced accordingly. To achieve this, we use methodologies, procedures and instructions which will assure such production, followed with monitoring, follow up and validation of all our Software Developing Systems. These systems, known as Quality Assurance Means, have been certified by OCA (*) *Certified offices: Bilbao y Madrid.

Nowadays we are immersed in new improvement systems within an innovation plan which follows this Company’s approach. Environment is also another concern for the Company. Bilbomática is well committed to Quality and Environmental Management. We have initiated a new procedural action thread in this area following the ISO 14000 regulations which set the performance approach through general guides.

Bilbomática presence in the Health Sector has been a constant feature throughout the years, achieving an important position in the Public Sector and transferring successful experiences to the Private Health and the Social Health Areas, with swift solutions which combine clinic and administrative management.

Bilbomática has made its own the challenge of making technology become an integrating element, for the society’s benefit. This is named the binomial innovation+people.

The increase of the welfare state of society has introduced an evolution in the patient’s profile. When we deal with patients, these do not have to necessary be not healthy people. Nowadays, patients are also all those willing to enjoy a greater quality of life in their everyday lives. The rise of life expectancy has made Europe become an every time more aged continent. Forecasts indicate that for year 2020 the 25% of the population will be older than 65 years. These people demand attention focused on the overcoming of their handicaps, making profit from technological advances. 

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