Founded in 2015, Pixelabs is a company based on innovation. We develop digital solutions based on artificial intelligence, using computer vision technologies, machine learning, deep learning and data science. Using these technologies and based on the detection, recognition and automated tracking of elements of interest in scenes, we are able to extract and process information that is of interest and provides value to our customers. We bring innovation to the most important asset of your business.

In healthcare, we carry out projects to support diagnosis, care practice and management of healthcare environments, thus allowing greater automation and optimization of hospital processes.

Innovation, teamwork, ambition, honesty. Four concepts that we integrate in our daily routine to develop our work and face new challenges. We are a young company, we have a good time doing our work and we love what we do!

Madrid 6 Salamanca street 3ºC, 28020 Email: info@pixelabs.es Phone: +34 918 265 276   Logroño 49 María Teresa Gil de Gárate street, 26002. Email: info@pixelabs.es Phone: +34  941 484 81