Ibermutua, Mutual Collaborator with National Social Security authorized as such by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, as its main mission is the management of work accidents and occupational diseases and the prevention of occupational risks and improvement of working conditions and health in companies. Currently, it has a protected group made up of approximately one and a half million workers.

Ibermutua has a network of centers made up of nearly 120 of its own centers and almost 1,000 of its own throughout the country, as well as its own hospital. Ibermutua's health care covers immediate care at the time of the work accident, subsequent consultations and subsequent rehabilitation, providing medical emergency services, outpatient and hospital care and medical-surgical specialties in its health centers.

Its healthcare network covers all medical-surgical specialties related to work-related accidents and occupational diseases, speeding up the performance of diagnostic tests.

The entity has a long history of innovation in its field of activity, related to the management of social benefits such as temporary disability and the health care and rehabilitation provided to its protected group. In order to offer the best service, we encourage the clinical research of our healthcare professionals and promote innovation and development programs (R & D & i) for the implementation of new services that complement and reinforce our healthcare, while improve the occupational health of our protected workers.

Ibermutua is an entity strongly committed to developing a culture of innovation, mainly in the field of Occupational Health. For this, a series of R & D & i projects in Occupational Health has been developed for more than 14 years, which have had significant continuity over time, always seeking to establish synergies and lines of collaboration with other entities and institutions , and to achieve the greatest impact, in terms of scientific, national and international publications, participation in scientific congresses, projects and calls. This activity has always been aimed at achieving excellence in the health professionals who are part of the Entity, with the ultimate aim of providing health care and services that meet high quality standards in the care provided to workers at those whose activity is ultimately directed.