DOMOTEK Impresión 3D

Domotek was created in 2015 as a rapid prototyping company and little by little it is establishing itself as a supplier of 3D printers and 3D printing service for prototyping in the industrial sector of the northern zone. It also begins to work with resin printers (sla technology) and is introduced in the dental sector nationwide, supplying printers and resins for dental models and biocompatible resins for surgical guides and splints, becoming these printers essential in almost all dental laboratories and a large part of the dental clinics in the country.

He then began to collaborate with the Basque Health Service, developing biomodels for surgical planning, first in maxillofacial surgery and gradually expanding to other specialties. Initially, all the biomodels were made on filament printers (fdm technology), although he soon opted for resin, since in surgical planning the plastic did not respond well to the friction of the electric scalpel and yet the resin was very appropriate for it. We continue to use fdm printers especially in trauma where the biomodels, replicas of bones, are larger.

During this year Domotek has taken a further step and currently we offer the segmentation and transfer of Dicom data to .stl, saving a lot of work for health workers who receive the requested biomodel from a CT or MRI scan and receive the requested biomodel in a few days. We also offer training to professionals to carry out segmentation themselves.

We are distributors of resin and filament 3D printers and we continue testing to find the most suitable ones on the market for the medical sector, thus advising professionals when they decide to implement 3D equipment in hospitals. Currently, 3d printing offers endless advantages to hospitals that decide to implement additive manufacturing technology (in house), being able to manufacture biomodels, surgical guides and tools at a minimum cost compared to all the benefits they obtain.

Later we maintain an open communication channel to resolve doubts, since we are professionals in 3D printing, and our job is to facilitate the work of doctors in 3D printing as much as possible, since we understand that the only concern that doctors should have is help and improve the quality of life of patients.

We work on several projects where we are developing our own bioprinter. We investigate to print 3D structures in nanofibers where we can implant cells and regenerate tissues.

Applications related to the world of health are of special relevance for us, when we collaborate with a hospital or laboratory we feel useful in the value chain in order to improve the quality of life of the patient. That is why we have recently launched our Bio area where we have functional prototypes of Bioprinter, Nanofibers and Pellets in addition to the classic health applications such as the manufacture of biomodels and surgical guides.

New materials ... New applications ...

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