GeneticAI Investigación y Desarrollo

At GeneticAI we have passion and believe in technology. Our knowledge, experience and spirit of invention inspire us to create solutions.
The Internet of Things "IoT", Big Data, are called to revolutionize society in the same way that the arrival of the Internet did. The connection of multiple devices with the Internet and between themselves, data analysis, the creation of predictive models, etc., will allow improving people's health, the efficiency of homes, companies, cities ..., and it will ultimately make people's lives easier.

The project I'm going to operate safe (MVOS) focused on patient safety in the event of surgery has won the INNOLABS Open Call, financed with funds from the European Union Horizon 2020 for Research and Innovation (Grant No. 691556). see more

Focused on improving comprehensive crop management, the eOrchard Pistachio project, developed by the Slovenian organization Elmibit and GeneticAI, has been the winner in the DIATOMIC Open Call, funded by the European Union, compared to 85 other European projects (Grant No. 761809).