HYGEA Salud y Nutrición

Hygea is a spin-off of the UGR dedicated to the development of expert health systems, with experience in national and European R&D projects. Our focus is personalized health, but from a public health promotion perspective, and our goal is to improve people's health.

We have developed the following expert systems:

- www.vitadieta.es an expert system in personalized nutrition.

- www.vitahealth.app an expert health promotion system, which calculates the health risks of each person, and offers a personalized recommendation of diet, exercise and lifestyle habits to avoid or reduce risks.

We are currently investigating health promotion for cancer patients (www.globin.app www.sanect.app), and expert systems in pediatrics.

We are located in the Technological Park of Health Sciences (Armilla, Granada).

Contact: p.caballero@vitadieta.es / 858 988 458 // 605 856 499