B105 Electronic Systems Lab - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

The B105 Electronic Systems Lab of the Department of Electronic Engineering of the E.T.S.I. Telecommunications was established in 2015.

The activity of the B105 is focused on the design of Embedded Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Cognitive Radio and Wireless Networks on the Body. B105's research lines include the following areas:

Exploration of synergies of hardware-software components to exploit design requirements (performance, security, consumption) in Embedded Systems;
System level design, cognitive radio, cross-layer optimization, communication protocols and context-based design for Wireless Sensor Networks;
Design of integrated systems for specific applications, services and environments (sensorization, communications, processing and interfaces).
The main skills of the group are proofs of concept and simulations, programming of microcontrollers, transceivers and cognitive devices, design of hardware devices, design of communication protocols and integration of sensors and actuators for different types of applications (e-health, critical infrastructures, extinguishing forest fires, etc.).