The Aragon Health Cluster (Arahealth) is a non-profit association established on February 7, 2013.

Arahealth's main objective is to promote and contribute to the competitiveness of the health sector in Aragon, by promoting innovation among its associates and improving the conditions surrounding the sector.

Arahealth currently supports four distinct businesses within the healthcare sector that include manufacturers, distributors, services, and research centers.

Bio pharma

  • In vitro diagnostics: Companies specialized in both diagnostic reagents and the distribution of diagnostic kits. Also includes clinical analysis laboratories
  • Nano and biotechnology: technology-based start-up companies and spin-offs from research centers.
  • Pharmacy and parapharmacy: Manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical specialties.

Med tech

  • Medical devices: Companies specialized in medical devices (prostheses, instruments ...)
  • Information and communication technologies, and medical equipment: Technology-based companies in the creation of medical equipment, information, communication and telemedicine.

Sanitary equipment

  • Furniture and other specialized equipment for the health sector. Sanitary architecture.

Social health services

  • Healthcare providers: Hospital centers and clinics specialized in certain pathologies. Residences and other healthcare centers. Home assistance.

The Aragon Health cluster includes the following working groups:

Innovation and market knowledge

  • Innovation: Launch of new products and services, product or process R&D, ...
  • Management of grants and subsidies linked to the development of R&D projects.


  • Operations: ict management, lean manufacturing, etc.
  • Socio-sanitary management.

Market development and internationalization

  • Business development: cross-selling, online channel, etc.
  • Internationalization: entering new markets, health tourism, international tenders, participation in fairs, reverse trade missions, etc.

Synergies and transversal projects

  • Synergies: networking between partners, common dissemination, national and international visibility, collaboration with other businesses, etc.