Plataforma de Tecnologías para la Salud, y la Vida Activa e Independiente

eVIA is the Platform for Technologies for Health and Active and Independent Living. Born in December 2007.

eVIA covers the main areas of:

  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Social cohesion

This includes at this time the use of technology in health, facilitating the independent life of people with disabilities, raising the quality of life and autonomy of the elderly, the integration of ethnic minorities and immigrants, the generation of new models of rural development and the non-exclusion by technology.


The eVIA platform is led for the most part by institutional bodies and user associations and by industries, but it must also have the active participation of public research bodies represented through their groups and departments, technology centers, standardization bodies. , regulators, policy developers for the Information Society, public and private funding entities and, of course, the managers of public R & D & I aid programs.

The eVIA platform, given the particular characteristics of the application sector, places special emphasis on user inclusion. This translates not only into the presence of institutions such as the Once Foundation or the Red Cross among their positions of presidency and vice-presidencies, but also in the development of specific methodologies for user involvement, such as living labs or open spaces for innovation. .

To ensure the decided commitment of each of the members that make up the Platform, it is made up of several structured bodies as agreed annually by the eVIA General Assembly.

e-VIA: Spanish Technological Platform of technologies for Health, Active and Independent Living