Ariadna Servicios Informáticos

  • Promote effective and continuous innovation both internally and in each of our clients.
  • Guarantee financial support and a lasting investment capacity through national and international funds and fiscal support in R + D + i.
  • Guarantee the generation of products and services both our own and those of our clients in short cycles of continuous innovation.
  • Selecting as main markets those most important to our clients, with special attention to:
    • Consultancy in Open Innovation and Social Spaces for Innovation (ESdI-SSRI), clusters, innovation offices, Network and Conferences, ...
    • Health, (Tele-assistance, e-learning, logistics, mobile developments, social networks, ...)
    • Disability (CSR, Tele-assistance, e-learning, inclusion, logistics, social networks, ...)

C/ Cronos 63, planta 4, oficina 6
28037 Madrid  
Teléfono: 915021490