Centro Internacional de métodos numéricos en Ingeniería (CIMNE)

Modeling the function of the human system in health and disease represents a fascinating scientific challenge. This challenge can only be addressed by combining a deep understanding of the physiologic, biologic, engineering and mathematical principles involved. Rather than focusing on the computational methods themselves, we are concerned with their appropriate application for the resolution of practical and fundamental clinical questions. Our research group is focused on Cardiovascular Problems, Medical image processing, Pulmonary Problems, Biomedical devices and Clinical Decision Support Systems.

The mission of the BioMedical Department of CIMNE is to create a fusion of engineering and the medicine that promotes scientific discovery and the development of new technologies and therapies through research and education. BioMedical Departament of CIMNE works in the below areas:

  • Development of numerical methods for modelling and simulation of biomechanical and bio-medical engineering problems.
  • Simulation of the mechanics of the cardiovascular system
  • Study of the heart mechanics
  • Study of the mechanics of the urology system
  • Fluid-dynamic analysis of the blood flow in vessels
  • Decision support system in bio-medical engineering
  • Biomedical signal
  • Image processing

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