Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento (ADIC-IIC)

Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento (ADIC-IIC)

Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento (IIC) is a private R&D+i institution. It is a ground-breaking innovation centre on Artificial Intelligence, expert on Data Analysis and Big Data Technologies since 1989. It was founded by Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Ingeniería del Conocimiento (ADIC), a non-profit entity under the sponsorship of the Spanish Ministerio de Industria (Ministry of Industry). IIC core and experience along the years revolved around the Data Analysis. The current members of ADIC are IBM Spain, Gas Natural Fenosa, Santander Group and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

After a 25-year experience on the market, we are offering a set of quality tools and also offer customized solutions and services using the most advanced analytical techniques in Big Data, Algorithm Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Automated Learning to turn data from companies into value and thus optimize, redeem and make decision making processes more dynamic.

We work closely with our clients during the whole process: from the identification of opportunities to innovate, the continuous improvement of the developed systems and the transfer of technology through successful implementations, up to the adjustment of the technological underlying research to the problem that need to be solved.

Also, IIC projects allow our clients to obtain valuable information out of data, optimise their business processes, achieve accurate results and save costs and time, making the investment more profitable.

The team specialised in Big Data in Healthcare centres its activity in the Healthcare and Eldercare Environments to transform the data from the basic clinical research into knowledge to prevent illnesses, and improve patient care (diagnosis and treatment) and healthcare management. Analysing thoroughly all that information so as to help healthcare professionals is a real challenge. 

Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento (ADIC-IIC)
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