CTCR. Centro Tecnológico del Calzado de La Rioja



In products
Solutions for customized products:
-Technologies to involve the consumer in design: application of emotional engineering to obtain healthier, more comfortable, safer products, etc. and according to the end user.
-Technologies to achieve the perfect adaptation of garments to the client, achieving maximum functional well-being. -Development of intelligent materials, capable of changing color by the action of external stimuli such as light, temperature, pressure, water-steam, etc.
Sustainable product development:
-ACV. Life Cycle Analysis to reduce environmental impact.
-Technologies for recycling and reuse of secondary raw materials: comprehensive study of waste from multiple sectors and recovery of components for their revaluation.
-Development of biodegradable materials.
High value product development:
-Technologies and new materials to improve both ergonomic and thermal comfort.
-Development of wearables, electronic devices incorporated in garments to guarantee interactivity with the user and other multiple functions.
-Microencapsulation of cosmetic substances.
Improvement of technical properties through new materials and / or nanotechnology. -Slippage. -Anti-perforation. -Fire resistance. -Filters. -Thermal comfort. -Resistance to impacts. -Conductivity. -Other.
Active protection:
-Development of protection equipment through new intelligent materials and embedded electronics, programmable for specific solutions.
-Development of integrated protection systems.

In processes
Optimization of industrial processes:
-Process automation and control technologies.
-Minimization of costs and / or increase in productivity through nanomaterials.
-Technologies for energy efficiency.

In products & processes
Sales optimization at physical points:
-Technologies for the analysis of customer behavior in store. Personalized marketing strategies for the target audience.
-Technologies to generate synergies between online and physical sales, through interactive functions that connect both purchase possibilities.
-Technologies to generate dynamic information segmented in stores: applications that recommend products based on what the user is looking for, etc.


Anti-odor materials.
Anti degradation additives by UVA rays.
Recycled materials for use in new garments / products.
Traceability technologies: control of production, stocks and logistics by RFID.
Augmented reality in mobile applications. (...)


Certification of PPE's, Personal Protective Equipment, according to the requirements established in the applicable international regulations: UNE-EN ISO 20345/20346/20347.
Evaluation of the conformity of PPE's in professional-labor use through tests on complete product or components (quality control).
Study of thermal comfort for safety and technical footwear.
TrendHelp: analysis of fashion trends and confirmation of forecasts, based on catwalks, trade shows, shop windows and international consumption patterns.
Internationalization: management of grants to attend national and international fairs, international legal and financial advice, development of strategic plans prior to export, start-up management of international promotion groups / consortia, etc.
Training: improvement of personal qualification online, by face-to-face modality and tailored for the company according to needs (management of the annual bonus per worker).
Assistance in Ecodesign: Analysis of the Life Cycle of Products and their redesign.
European Ecolabel: follow-up and processing of the procedure to obtain the ecolabel for footwear. Advice-training and / or national processing of the Carbon Footprint Registry.
CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Entrepreneurship and Ecological Marketing
Implementation and consulting in Management Systems according to ISO 26000, 9001, 14001, 14006, OSHAS 18001, UNE 166002, etc.
Conformity assessment, for the proper use in the market, of components and complete footwear for women, men, domestic use, school, etc. (QA).
Rapid prototyping of flexible soles.
360 ° product photography (3 Dimensions).
Design and development of 3D virtual catalogs for PCs and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).
Development and maintenance of online stores.

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